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Tyla Rae Designs is a handbag and accessory company providing a full array of services for your design and production needs. Our team of experienced staff can help create your initial concept and brand including trend boards, sketches, CAD's, tech packs, sample development and even overseas production.


Tyla Rae Bohbot is a worldly and knowledgeable designer who has flourished in the handbag and accessory industry for most of her adult life.  Her designs have been sold in major department stores both in the US and Europe and many specialty chain retailers.  Tyla’s unique fashion flair allows her the dexterity to style collections ranging from the bridge contemporary market to the mass market. Developing personalized hardware and using design details to accentuate the character of your products is also one of Tyla’s talents.

Tyla's years of living in Paris, France have given her a distinctive taste level which gives her an edge for choosing the best materials for any given project. Her design is always mindful of the price sensitive client while  never sacrificing quality.


Tyla Rae Designs is not only capable of taking care of your design needs, but is able to follow through with sample development and production. Thanks to our close connections with various companies and factories throughout Asia we're able to provide competitive price sourcing for the production of the designs. As with everything we do, we strive to work with the best-of-the-best and only collaborate with factories that run with the strictest compliancy laws to meet both US and European standards and thanks to her extensive travels throughout Asia she's been able to establish superb sources for production.

Whether you're looking to find a new direction for your private label's handbag or accessory line or if you're looking to create and brand a completely new product, TYLA RAE DESIGNS will give you the panache to elevate any brand.



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